Health Update: What pregnancy does to my body...beyond the obvious

I've had a ton of emails lately asking about my SIBO/IBS issues, and if I've had a relapse, or if I am still feeling well. This is an unedited breakdown. So if you aren't here to read about stomach issues and symptoms/treatment, I think it best you click on by. Because it's pretty boring. And kind of a downer.

For more info on SIBO, see my "SIBO" posts, all found HERE.

Here is the rundown:

I felt really good for about a year after taking the 20 day course of Neomycin (while taking a motility drug—Motiluim—for that whole year). I continued to have food sensitivities to wheat, dairy, and eggs. But I could literally eat anything else. About a year after treatment I started to notice some issues again (little symptoms that were red flags). But before I could take it to my GI doc I got pregnant. Now I am off all meds (no Bentyl, no Motilum, no antibiotics), and I feel like am totally relapsing. I have awful IBS symptoms. I can't eat things that I could eat before without a major IBS attack that sets me back for days (no corn on the cob, popcorn, brown rice, basically anything high fiber, even chocolate some days, and don't even get me started on the week I tried to eat eggs again). I am not sure how much of this is pregnancy related. Pregnancy has been proven to slow down digestion, anyway, which is a lose lose for someone with gut motility issues already! I have about one good day for every three bad days. Ugh. I have another appointment with my doctor in October to come up with a plan post-baby to get back on track!

As far as specifics go, here are the details to answer some of the questions I am getting in emails:

• I was advised to avoid probiotics by one doctor, and to introduce them by another. At this point I have not tried them. I am going in to a NEW doctor in October for yet another opinion on my issues.

• I have had the Lactulose breath test, Celiac test, a slew of blood work (incl. allergy testing), a colonoscopy/endoscopy. The only positive results were for food sensitivities, and the SIBO Lactulose test. Apparently my results were not very high, but did indicate overgrowth—enough to be treated. (I have not had a gastric emptying test, or an in-depth thyroid test, but basic blood thyroid tests came back negative.)

• I have taken 3 rounds of Rifaxan. It didn't do much. I then asked for a 20 day course of Neomycin which, combined with the motility drug Motilium (I order from www.inhousepharmacy.biz), seemed to help quite a bit.

• I have not had any success treating with diets such as GAPS, Low FodMap, or any of those. Because I do have food intolerances, I eat more like a grain-inclusive Paleo. I go into more detail about my diet in past posts.

• Herbal and homeopathic remedies did nothing. No peppermint oil, no glutamine powder. Zip.

• I did not have good results on the 6 month sublingual treatment for food allergies/sensitivities. Booooo. That was 6 months and $300 wasted.

I think that's everything. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. But chances are this or one of my previous posts (all found HERE) cover it up until this point. Because I am pregnant, there is really nothing I can do other than eat carefully and pray it won't make me sick! I'll be sure to come back with an update on what my new GI doctor says. I was seeing a PA at the same practice. But I decided to switch because I just felt more secure going with a Board-Certified full-fledged Gastroenterologist. My gut told me to go that route (wah wah, bad pun).

Here's to better health!!

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